Swanton Welding

Interior of this tank received a SSPC-SP10 blast profile and a coat of Carboline Bitumastic 300M Coal tar epoxy. It is a high build coal tar epoxy for protection of steel and concrete in single or two-coat applications in a broad variety of aggressive industrial applications. It is excellent in chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

The exterior of the tank required a SSPC-SP6 blast profile and a prime coat of Sherwin Williams Red Oxide primer as well as a top coat of Sherwin Williams Urethane R-Cure 800.


  • SSPC-SP10 Blast
  • Carboline Bitumastic 300M
  • Coal Tar Epoxy


  • SSPC-SP6 Blast
  • Sherwin Williams Red Oxide Primer
  • Sherwin Williams Urethane R-Cure 800 Top Coat

Pre Blast

Post Blast


Top Coated