Colonial Surface Solutions

“We make your future look brighter!"

Providing industrial abrasive cleaning and coating services for companies across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Specializing in abrasive cleaning, coating removal, protective coating applications and powder coating, Colonial Surface Solutions prides itself on providing clients with top-notch surface solutions for their metal parts.

As an industry leader in coating services, our team has specialized knowledge in both liquid and powder coating. This allows us to guide you towards the best result and develop the right coating process for your project.

When you choose Colonial, you’re choosing a company with close to 45 years of experience in the paint and powder coating industry. Our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and can help you with projects of all scopes. 

Abrasive Cleaning

We can ensure a smooth, clean application of paint to make sure your part achieves a perfect finish

Powder Coating

Durable, thick, and uniform appearance, powder coating provides the best solution

Chemical Pre-Treatment

It strips metal of any contaminants and prepares the part so it can be painted

Liquid Painting

Get a smooth, clean finish with consistent, high-quality application

Military CARC

Chemical agent resistant coating will protect metal surfaces from corrosion

Coating Removal

This process strips parts of any abrasions and abnormalities quickly

Endless Possibilities

Our facility has more than 90,000 square feet under roof with 80,000 of it being climate controlled in the winter. These large spaces mean our team can handle parts of any size and shape.


We are always looking to add quality, hardworking members to the Colonial team.