All-encompassing services mean you can take a step back and relax—allow us to take your metal parts through every process including assembly and shipping

Once your product is cleaned, treated, and painted, we can take care of any final assembly, special packaging, and kitting your items need. Then, when it’s all ready to go, we can ship it out to its final destination.

After your part has been coated, our team will begin to put together the piece to fully build the product. We can assembly different hoses, cylinders, nuts, bolts, charge cylinders, and more, then pack them up and ship them. We can even make sure everything is torqued and ready to go.

We know that there are times when extra manpower is essential to complete the assembly of your finished product for a customer. Rest assured that Colonial Surface Solutions will aid in the construction of any large or small product, in any quantity, and deliver the shipment on time and to your exact specifications.

Streamline your whole operation and let us take care of your assembly, kitting, and shipping needs. Call us at 419-659-5639 to discuss your project specifications and scope.