With close to 50 years in the industry, Colonial Surface Solutions has the capability to take your project on—no matter the scope

With a broad range of abilities, Colonial Surface Solutions is here for you at every step. From abrasive cleaning and chemical pre-treatment to powder coating and liquid painting to packing and shipping, whatever you need accomplished, we can do.

Colonial excels in coating removal services, including abrasive cleaning, blasting, and burn off. We can remove coatings from virtually any part, quickly and without distortion, so it’s restored to its original condition. We also specialize in Military CARC, liquid coating, and powder coating. Once projects are complete, we can assembly and kit them and provide packing and shipping to their final destination.

Our facility can handle parts of any size and shape, from projects that have a small part size with large volume to projects with large part size in small volume. We can process anything from small parts and up to 65,000 pound dredges. If you can ship it here – we can paint it!  We clean to SSPC standards: SP1, SP2, SP3, SP5, SP6, SP7, and SP10

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Abrasive Cleaning

Liquid Painting

Military CARC

Chemical Pre-Treatment

Coating Removal

Powder Coating