If your company is looking for a partner in the abrasive cleaning of your part or batch of parts, Colonial can provide many environmentally friendly and efficient abrasive cleaning machines. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of our competition with upgrades of the latest abrasive cleaning machines. Our machines include:

  • 26 Cubic foot tumble blast machine that is capable of cleaning up to 4,000 pounds per batch of heavy castings or rough weldments.
  • For lightweight and delicate parts, we offer a 6 cubic foot rubber belt, tumble blast machine.
  • For those parts that do not mandate tumbling, we provide a 60-inch table-based blast machine that allows for 360 degree access for cleaning.
  • In the event of large part abrasive cleaning, we offer an 8-wheel, vertical descaling machine. Through the use of either our monorail or continuous flow roller system, we can accommodate any length of material for complete cleaning of abrasive substances.
  • In addition to automated cleaning colonial utilizes a variety of pressure blasting which can accommodate virtually any size of part or component. Colonial utilizes media such as Coal Slag, Steel Grit, Star Blast, Glass Bead, and Garnett. If your job requires a specific media, Colonial can construct the right process to meet your firm’s demands.

No matter which machine we use to process your company’s parts or materials, Colonial Surface Solutions carries out each process in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.